The sound of rain is soothing. The gentle tapping of drops against the window. The rushing of small streams across the ground. I can’t pinpoint why it is, but listening to the water brings me great peace.

The rain reminds me of the thirsty ground, that suddenly gets a large downfall of refreshing drink. It reminds me of my own thirst. I crave the cool, crisp fullness of water. The Living Water. He fills me.

I search desperately in this dry, weary land to be filled. I need it and I cannot find it on my own. In the same way the flowers and trees cry out for the sky to fall, I cry out for the hand of Savior to rescue me. His drops are gentle but like a flood they fill me when I ask. At times it’s hard, at times I fear the storm.

But today I’m reminded by the soft sound outside my windows that He’s near. He will always be at my side in the storm. And there I can rest.