This morning I was there, in the kitchen, frying eggs.  There’s something tricky about making the perfect fried egg.  They never seem to flip right for me.  I blame the pan, it’s too small, or the spatula, it’s too wide.

But this morning I flipped a perfect egg.  And I learned a lesson in patience.

I realized that much of my trouble comes from flipping the eggs too soon.  I worry about burning the bottom so I flip as soon as I see them turn white. But they’re not ready yet.  So they fall apart or slide off the spatula, and the results are usually  not pretty.

This morning I let them cook a bit longer.  I let the white really fill in, almost to the yolk.  Then I flipped.  And it was perfect.

In that moment, gently as He does, the Lord began to speak to me about those eggs.  How much harder I had been making this because I flipped too soon.  How much harder do I make other things because of my lack of patience?  I rush and I worry, I open doors that were never meant to be opened.  I struggle with waiting.

The waiting is hard, but if we will just wait – His timing is always perfect.  And we will never have to worry about burning the bottom.