The weekend was filled with egg dying, casserole eating, and remembering.

I thought long and hard about what His followers must have felt like on that day all those years ago.

Many times on Good Friday, I have tried to put myself in that place, feel those feelings, crying out to the Lord for a better way.  But it’s not possible for me.  We know the end of the story, we know what’s coming on Sunday – how can we not have hope and joy for such a gift?

His people knew too, or rather they were told.  Many of them did not understand His teachings though, that He would rise again and conquer all.  Some may have believed and waited in anticipation, but did doubt creep in?  Did they sit awake early Saturday morning asking how this is all possible?

We have hope because we know the end.  We know He rises and death is defeated.

In my moments of quietness this weekend, I remembered that we still know the end.  Each and every day, despite the darkness and the trials we face, we know He’s coming back.  We know the end of the story.  So why do we lack hope?  Why do I sit looking at a fallen world with hunger and slavery, and wonder how this all will come to be?  Where is my hope, if I already know the end of the story?

So this I ask today, that the Lord would renew in me such hope.  Each day may I learn to live with the hope of His returning.  That when I don’t understand how to make sense of our messes and pain, I can remember His promise and put my hope in that alone.

I leave you today with lyrics to an amazing song that sums up the glory we rejoice in following this Easter weekend.  P.S. You can buy a copy of this CD here:  it’s wonderful!

Nothing Ever Can, Nothing Ever Will
– Ross King (God Undefeatable)

“We the church declare Jesus Christ is King
For He conquered death once for all.
We will live in light of His victory
Following His gospel call.

And when the story ends, we know Jesus wins
For His power cannot be stopped.

Nothing ever can, nothing ever will
Overcome the Lord, our God.”