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Being married to an artist can be hard at times.  I enjoy creativity, I relish in beauty, I love adventures and excitement.  But I also cherish structure and stability.  Being married to an untamed creative-type leaves so much room for questions, that often go unanswered.

The greatest thing I have learned over the past seven years is to let him live. Let him explore, create, crumple up and redo.  Don’t try to put him in a box, don’t allow yourself to believe that you know one thought that’s going through his mind.  Be open to anything.

For one, that life is scary and unpredictable.  For the other, it’s full of new and exciting challenges.  When I let him pursue and conquer, I free myself from the worry and pressure our busy world relentlessly piles on my shoulders.

Marrying a man who finds satisfaction in the unknown had indeed been difficult at times.  But it also has been an adventure.  Life is never boring.  Just when I think I have figured him out – he starts listening to jazz.

Though I may experience unnecessary stress due to our opposite personalities, he also makes me laugh on a daily – if not hourly – basis.  That, my friends, will keep my heart joyful and young.

Lord, bless this man You’ve given me.  The one who adds new ingredients to all my recipes.  The one who forgets to turn the light off, and forever lights my heart.  The one who sees the world through carefree, wild eyes – and helps me loosen my grip.  Bless him, teach me to bless him, to encourage him to be who You created him to be.  Thank you for the adventure in my life.