Life is a mess.  My mind is on overdrive, making plans, making decisions, trying to keep up with everything going on.

Last night I fell into bed, anxious and desiring that the Lord would save me from the madness.  He offers peace, freedom from anxiety.  But how do I find that when there’s just so much to get done and if I don’t spend time thinking about it, something will surely fall through the cracks.

Then He whispered to me, “I’ve got this.”  And it all became clear.

I used to work as a wedding coordinator.  My job was to put the details of the day together, to see to it that vendors showed up on time, and make sure everything ran smoothly during the event.  I loved many aspects of this job, but it was also so overwhelming for someone like me.  I’m someone who sees all of the details, and I also see all of the things that could potentially go wrong.  Even when I had the plans together and everything was going fine, I was still in a state of heightened awareness and could not relax until the night was over.

How amazing would it have been on one of those nights to have someone walk in and say, “I’ve got this.”  Someone with more experience and more wisdom than me.  Someone who already knew how things were going to turn out.  Someone I could trust to take over, if I allowed myself to dive into that trust.

“I’ve got this.  Go sit somewhere quiet and allow your mind to rest, I can handle it from here.  And when I need you for something, I’ll come get you.  Don’t worry about a thing.”

A great weight would have been taken off of me in an instant.  I want to sink into that kind of grace now and allow all of the weight to pour off.

So that is where I’ll be for the next few weeks.  Fighting to allow myself time to relax and rely fully on the Lord.  As we build our house and our lives, I hope to learn more than ever to let go and let God have the reins.  Jesus, help me.