On Monday, Jeff and I celebrated seven years of marriage.  It’s amazing how fast time flies.

We are not the same people we were when we met eight years ago.  Our interests have changed, our personalities have changed, our values have changed.

Eight years ago I met a cowboy at a camp and was immediately intrigued.  He was cool, confident, and often times angry about something.  I felt an uncontrollable need to “help” him with those anger issues.  I saw a softness in him that was calming to my overly analytic self, he was indeed my perfect match.

We spent a summer struggling to figure out what it looked like to date at camp.  It wasn’t easy but we’re thankful for the community that surrounded us to help us make wise choices and keep our priorities straight.

After nine months of dating long distance, I returned for another summer at camp and he proposed on the beach in Holland, MI.  What a confusing, wonderful, terrifying, and exciting time that was.  Since we were young and a little bit crazy, we decided it was best to get married three months later at the end of summer camp.  So grateful for our family and friends who helped make that day possible.

Seven years ago I promised to love and care for that man.  In sickness and in health, riches and poverty, no matter what troubles might come our way.  I promised to honor and respect him as the leader of our family.  I promised to follow him where ever he might take us and to trust him to make decisions that he felt were best for both of us.

Many days I fail at all of those things.  But somehow we still make it.

That man who was so mysterious and intriguing then, is now the best friend I look forward to seeing everyday.  Each year is better than the last, and by God’s grace this next year will be no different.

Thank you for being you, Jeff T.