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Recently, the Lord gave me a vision.  We’re on a boat in a large body of water, possibly a lake or sea.  Off to the left we see thrashing in the water and hear cries for help.  We start moving in that direction and the picture becomes clearer, there is a group of people in the water.  They can’t find a way out, there is no land nearby.  They’re desperately calling out for someone to rescue them.  Several other boats start moving in their direction as well and soon we noticed that they have life jackets on. Praise the Lord!  They are still in need of help, but at least they are able to stay above water.

By the time we are very near, many other boats have also arrived and started pulling people out of the water.  But then we start to hear more cries for help, they seem to be very far away.  We venture out in the opposite direction to see what is happening.

Far in the distance, away from all the other boats, there is another group of people.  This group is larger, much larger.  We can see people for miles and miles struggling to stay afloat.  And these ones don’t have life jackets.  No support has been provided and many are drowning right before our eyes.

One or two other boats start to pull up, but the group in the water is so large.  Are there more who are coming?  How will just two boats pull all of these people out of the water? Perhaps the others ran out of fuel and did not have enough money to come so far. Perhaps they were frightened by the sheer number of people in need.  Or maybe they don’t realize these ones are here, fighting, and drowning.  Maybe they didn’t hear their cries.

Photo via Mercy Project

Photo via Boston.com

Photo via Sit a Spell

We long to be there to help, but we’re still so far away.  What can we do from such a distance?  People are dying there yet we can’t seem to get to them.  And two boats just aren’t enough.  God, where are the other boats?  There were so many surrounding the last group.  We pray and hope more boats will come.  Surely, there must be more coming.