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Several friends have been asking us how the adoption process is going.  I thought it might be a good time to send out an update for those who are wondering.

Our best response right now is, “it’s good, we’re just waiting.”

Here’s what we mean by that.

We are currently pursuing infant adoption through a private agency here in Texas.  This is what we feel the Lord has asked us to do right now; this might change in the future.  We are striving to leave our hands open and adjust as needed if He has something else in mind for us.

At this particular agency, birthmothers will choose a family for their child by looking through several books put together by the couples who are hoping to adopt. Our agency encourages these women to spend time praying about their decision and ultimately, they will choose the family they believe is the best fit for their child.

We love the way our agency orchestrates the adoption process, but this also means that right now all we can do is wait.  There is no list, no next in line.  Just waiting for someone to choose us to raise their child.

So, where we are at right now is in the waiting phase.  All paperwork has been completed.  The agency has had our book for over a year now and has been showing it to birthmothers as they come in.  When the time is right, His time, a lovely, gracious woman will want to meet us.

Questions also get asked about how we are doing emotionally while we wait.  This is asked less often, likely out of fear of offending us or hurting us in some way.  But we always want to willingly share our hearts, we want to be open and let others know how we are really feeling.

I think I can best express my state of being by sharing a recent God-moment that has been stuck in my mind.

About a month ago, I attended a worship night for college women.  At the beginning of the event they showed a video, several young women were painting canvases.  The result of their work was a beautiful piece that read “Come and see what God has done.”  I thought it was just wonderful!

My initial reaction to this verse was, how great would this be to hang in our house someday?  Perhaps over our baby’s crib, so everyone that visits would see the amazing miracle that God had done for us.  Someday.

But the Lord spoke to me in that moment and told me this verse was not for someday.  This verse was for now.  Why wait until someday when God is doing amazing things right now?  Come and see what the Lord has done – today!  He’s already doing so much.

In that moment, I was humbled and overwhelmed by gratitude.  God has already done so much for us, how could I miss the miracles and blessings poured out each day?  We’ve been though a lot this past year, and our faith has only grown.  Our marriage has flourished.  We live in greater abundance than we’ve ever known.

So, that is how we’re doing.  We have good days and harder days.  I suppose life is like that though, we were never promised an easy road.

Our hearts are full right now.  We’ve been covered in peace and are continually blessed by the love of our friends and family.  We’re striving to see each day, to live in each moment, to give thanks for all that we have.

Your continued prayers are appreciated.  All could change in a moment’s notice.  We only hope we will remain steadfast when the time comes that our faith is truly tested.