2012 has officially come to an end.  It still amazes me that each year seems to fly by faster than the last.

This past year my focus was on learning to live a life of “yes.”  In many ways I accomplished this goal.  In many ways I failed and am still learning how to surrender.

But looking back, I am incredibly thankful for 2012.  The year held many big moments, hard lessons, and good memories.

Time with dear friends

20120211_0404Waiting for babies

Enjoying my sweet husband

guitarLearning to be present

Being chased by a wildly passionate God

grassy footRebuilding a house (and trying not to love it too much)

Practicing thanks

20120421_1245_2I have big hopes for 2013.  A lot may change.  Nothing may change.  But I can change.  I am not who I was in 2011, and I hope not to be who I am today one year from now.  My prayer is that the Lord would continue to refine me, to mold me more and more into His image.