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Yes, I am setting goals.  The naysayer side of me says I am only setting myself up for defeat when I fail miserably at all of these things.  But if I don’t try, how will I ever know if I can be better than I am?  Maybe these aren’t goals, maybe these are just a few things I hope to see happen this next year.

1.  Find true contentment

This is the theme of my year, to learn to be content no matter where I am.  And not to just be ok with my situation, but to thrive doing whatever I am doing.  This year may bring about some drastic changes in our lives, or it may not.  Either way, I hope to gain a little bit of what Paul described.  I don’t know yet how to make this a tangible goal; it’s just something I’m praying about.

Pajama pants

2.  Give thanks more

My two-part goal:  be more thankful for the things around me and improve my photography skills.  I plan to take a photo of one thing I am thankful for each week and post it here.  Starting next week!

3.  Be gentle with my husband

He’s not perfect and he will never live up to my every expectation.  Rather than using a snide remark or angry hiss, I hope to learn to speak to him gently with grace and understanding when things don’t go my way.  After all, everything is not about me.

drawing boys

4.  Do a handstand

I have loved yoga for a while now but would like to really make it a priority this year.  I love it for the exercise and for the practice of being present.  My focus this year will be to build enough strength and balance to do a handstand.  A little crazy, but possible!

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5.  Spend less money on stuff

My husband and I have this wild idea to stop spending money on stuff this year.  Those things we like to buy on a whim that we don’t really need…that kind of stuff.  Our hope is to learn to live on a smaller budget, you know – an artist’s budget!  I also hope we will learn that instant gratification is not the only way to find happiness.

6.  Bring more life into our house

I have never been able to keep plants alive.  I forget about them and before I know it, they’ve wilted away.  But I love the feeling plants bring into a home, so I want to stop making excuses and give it another try.  I also hope to plant a garden this year, but we’ll take it one step at a time.

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Now they are all out there for the world to see.  It’s a bit intimidating, but I have a whole year to work on making these things a reality.  And I expect to see God’s greatness shining through whatever this year may hold.