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This is how I spent my weekend.

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For many, many years I have been in search of good health.  I’m blessed to have a fully functioning body but often struggle with annoying aches and pains in several different areas.  I have seen every type of doctor or specialist imaginable, but no one has been able to diagnose the cause.  Medicine has a very important role in our world, but I am also a big believer in healing through diet and lifestyle changes.  And until I know the causes of said symptoms, I am hesitant put chemicals in my body that I may react negatively to.  Thus, I have been researching and experimenting on my own for several years to try to find a solution.  My goal is to gain whole health – that my body, mind, and spirit would be working together to the highest potential in the way God intended when He created man.

Today, that solution looks like eliminating all but 22 foods from my diet! Recently, I found information about a highly accurate food sensitivity test called Mediator Release Testing.  So when I discovered a specialist in our area, I made an appointment and within a few days I was having four vials of blood drawn and shipped off to a lab in Florida.  *For those who like to know the technical details – at the lab the scientists add a sample of a food or a commonly used additive to my blood and measure the level of reaction caused.  The more highly my immune system reacts to the food, the more likely it is that those foods are responsible for the symptoms I have been having.

This is why my diet now consists of 22 foods.  The scientists that do the testing have also set up a program to help the body heal by removing the foods that it is reacting to.  I will be able to slowly add in new foods after a period of time.  For now, I will be dreaming up new recipes to make using only beef, pork, tuna, green peas, green peppers, onions, lima beans, rice, quinoa, strawberries, mangoes, grapefruit, almonds, milk, cocoa, maple syrup, and a few other flavor enhancers.



It might be fun.  It will likely be miserable.  It is day two and I am already craving sushi and french fries.

But I’m hopeful for good results.  And I am hopeful to learn some lessons in gratitude.  I have plenty of food to eat, and if I go hungry simply because I do not have enough variety, that’s a good sign I need to sit down and have a heart to heart with the One who supplies all my needs.