I’ve been sifting through the drafts in my posts file, looking for things left unsaid to see if now is the time to complete one of those thoughts.  With all the transition around our home, it has left little room for me to reflect and process. How do you enter that tiny creative corner of your mind between 30 minute naps and piling dishes?  I’m still trying to figure that one out.

For now, I found this from 2012.  And I needed to share it today.  This was my prayer for so many years.  I am reminded daily that, in spite of the joy our sweet little blessing has brought to us, there was a time when it was hard. There was a time when all seemed hopeless.  Any many are still in that place for one reason or another.

So today, this prayer is for you, sweet friends.

orange flowers

Today, may you see the sunshine.

May your heart be lifted.

May you know His love and feel His presence.

That He would provide gentle reminders.

You are not forgotten.

Not forsaken.

But being shaped for His good work.