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Three months ago Jeff and I sat down to process our options for the future.  He had applied to many jobs at this point and the only one that came through was a part-time job.  He loved what he was doing, but it wasn’t working out financially and we had to make a change.

Three months ago.  Just twelve short weeks ago.


We thought the only opportunity was a potential offer in town.  Nothing was set in stone, but we felt it was best to pursue that option because it seemed the only logical fit.

Then we went on vacation to visit my family in Arizona.

And God threw us a curve ball.

Driving to my parents’ apartment when we arrived in town, we came to an area that was unlike anything we had seen in Arizona.  To us, Arizona meant desert.  Rocky yards with cactuses and bushes.  No trees.  Very little grass.

We said we would never move there.

For fun, as we entered this new area of town, we said, “Wow, this is beautiful.  If we ever did move to Arizona, this is the only place we would live.”




One week later, Jeff was offered a job to work with my dad and brother.

One week after that, he accepted.

Today, I sit here typing from those very apartments we drove to in January.

Three months ago.  Only twelve short weeks ago.

How did we get here?

I’m still trying to process it all.  It is starting to seem real, but still feels a bit like we are on vacation.  There is a part of me that is waiting to go home.  But the other part of me is starting to convince my full self that we are home.

We truly believe God paved this path for us.  Though we said we would never move to Arizona.  Though we said we had no desire to move away from our community in Texas.  Though we said.  Though we said.

God said go.

And here we are.


It’s been a bit of a crazy journey.  Our house was sold three weeks after we posted photos on Facebook.  Sold, sold.  Like papers signed, keys handed over, we-are-no-longer-homeowners sold.

We found a place to live shortly after the contract was signed on our house.  And we love it here.  It’s the only place in Arizona we would ever live.  (For now, at least)

Jeff’s job is the best opportunity we could ask for.  He is working with my family, and enjoys almost every minute of it.  He is happy to be digging holes and working with hands in the dirt again.  There’s something renewing and life-giving about getting your hands dirty during the day.

The hardest part was leaving our church community and family.  We know we will never be able to find exactly what we had in Texas.  But we are hopeful that God will provide exactly what we need in Arizona.  And we are grateful to have built up the kind of relationships that will conquer the distance.  There hasn’t been a day that we don’t think about their sweet faces.  Love you, friends!

So, that’s the latest in our crazy life.  Three months ago we lived in Texas.  And now, somehow, we are living in Arizona, ready to experience all the new things God is going to throw our way.