Il dolce far niente is an Italian phrase meaning “the sweetness of doing nothing” or “sweetly doing nothing.”  I’ve also heard it said, “the art of doing nothing.”  It’s a bit odd, isn’t it?  To think of doing nothing as an art.  Art takes work;  nothing takes, well – nothing.  At least that’s what I have believed most of my life.  That there is value in doing much and this is way to achieve success.

Yet the busyness and restlessness that came from this version of productivity left me exhausted and I started to question if there is a better way to live.  God tells us to rest.  To be still.  To give our worries to Him.  Many times I put that area of the Bible out of my mind.  He said these things because He knew it would all be too much.  And it is too much.  And I would be wise to follow His words.

Now I am learning to enjoy moments of “doing nothing.”  To find the peace and stillness refreshing and fulfilling.  To spend time listening to His voice which is often but a whisper.  I need to learn how to truly see, how to live life with eyes open to all the wonder our Creator has made.  So I will continue to seek out sweetness in the nothing and write about that here.

May you also find sweetness in the quiet moments.


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